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What will you do if your sister is naked in front of you? Brilliantly Answered | Best IAS Interview Questions

The Most Embarrassing Moment In Front Of Your Sister

Interviews are the best source to get a job. Sometimes, Questions asked by the interviewer are tough enough. In IAS interviews questions asked are tough than tougher. Only people with positive mindsets are capable to answer those but most fail.

It might not too hard for most of us to answer those questions based on a subject. We can even find the best answers to any other general question too! But in an IAS Interview, Its too tough to answer them. Most of these questions are asked to test ou mindsets and for the intelligent answers. These questions are based on our routine life, With simplest answers. Even though it’s not too easy to answer them.

One of the toughest IAS Interview questions asked ever is: ” What will you do if your sister is naked in front of you? “. So just think and feel free with an open mind and answer the question in the comments section below. So, Here we got you the best answer for it. To express this I’ve had a small story aligned below:

Brilliantly Answered: What will you do if your sister is naked in front of you?

So a guy was waiting outside the interviewer’s room. Suddenly a man walkouts with anger and then the man waiting outside asks him the reason for his anger. Then he replies saying that the interviewer is just asking silly questions and reveals the question.

Then the guy wishes to be asked him the same question.

When he walks in and after few lines of conversation between him and the interviewer, The same question is asked of him ( What will you do if your sister is naked in front of you? ). Then he replies with a cool mindset, That he likes to Kiss Her.

Then the interviewer asks the reason for kissing her.

Now he answers that the time when my sister comes to me naked it shows the childish character of my sister. I really love my eight months old sister. So, When my eight months old sister comes to me why shouldn’t i kiss her?

When the interviewer asks the question, The candidate dint bothered about the cheap character of the interviewer. But face him with his intelligence and got selected.

So, The moral here is to “Think Different“. Don’t ever try to think the same as you did in the past life. Always try to think differently according to present situations.

Want More Clarity On This?!

So let me reveal a small story which is quite similar to above IAS Question. An old woman with her two teenage daughters is was living somewhere in America. One saddest morning the old women found dead on the bed. So with loads of sadness, the two daughters of her got her to the burial ground.

There they found no one except them. Suddenly, A man enters the place with few tools. He was too beautiful and girls started to stare at him for a moment. Then after the ceremony, everyone leaves the ground.

What will you do if your sister is naked in front of you? Brilliantly Answered | Best IAS Interview Questions
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And the other day elder sister was killed by the other. So what you think the reason might be? Express your views in the comments section below.

So the same question was asked by few famous psychiatrists to murderers and rapists as a survey. Even now, Can you try to guess the answers given by them?

Most of those murderers and rapists have answered that if the sister is killed then the younger one can again go to the graveyard. This was the common answer given by most of them.

When the same question was asked to man with a positive mindset, Do you know what do they answer?

Both sisters might felt in love with the man at the graveyard. So the younger one killed the elder one to make him fall in her love. This was simple survey made between criminals and other people. Even you can try this on your friends or family member to know their mindsets.

Similarly, Many of us fail to answer some simple questions in an interview. So how to answer those simple questions?

Q1: Tell Me About Yourself?

Ans: So, When someone asks this question to you, It doesn’t mean that he/she wants to know about your physical or mental strengths. For this question, You have to reveal your skills with best ideas to use those skills for their company.

These were few reasons to think different. Hope you found this article useful. Make sure to think different every moment.

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