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[Speed Test] iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 | Can You Guess The WInner?

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8

2017 is one of the best years of the smartphone. A wide variety handsets with brightest features have released this year. One of the biggest game changer in this smartphone market trolls these days. A little bit confusing right? Heres the best comparison between iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung and Apple had a huge opponency this year. Both of them have launched extraordinary flagships. iPhone X from Apple have blown-off its users and on the other side, The Galaxy Note 8 creates a new era in the design and performance.

[Speed Test] iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8

The test’s here are too simple. Both of the devices here in the video are compared by running the same applications together. So we recommend you to watch the entire video to get the best information about both the devices and analyze the key differences between them.



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