[iPhone-Manufacturing-Cost] The original cost to make iPhone is shocked if you know the actual cost

How Much Does It Cost To Make An iPhone

[iPhone-Manufacturing-Cost] The original cost to make iPhone is shocked if you know the actual cost
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iPhone flagships are on a new hike. The trend of using an iDevice has been rapidly increasing. Most teen these days just love to use an iPhone. But have you ever wondered, How much does it cost to manufacture an iPhone? In retail it costs huge. While the manufacturing price costs less than half its original worth.

The original cost to make iPhone is shocked if you know the actual cost

Using an iPhone provide a royalty appearance. We might be using any kinda device with the best and latest features. But no one of us compromises or agree to compare the features of the best android device with iPhone. In most cases, the rich people don’t care about it. But the teen from a middle-class family is highly attracted to iPhones. Whatever the price ranges might be, Most of us never compromise to get an iPhone.

Do you know how much does an iPhone cost to manufacture?

The latest flagship, iPhone X cost only $357 to manufacture. Which is somewhat around 23006.08 Indian Rupees. This research is simply done by a tech-corporation by disassembling the iPhone X and pricing its parts. When totaled it ranged about 357Dollars for which we are paying more than 900 Dollars only for the US market.

iPhone X
Image Source: apple.com

And the iPhone 8 costs $287 to manufacture and is on sale for $700 in the market. So what you think about this triple costs. So, whatever the price range might be. Apple users never bother about it.

iPhone X — Introducing iPhone X — Apple

Do you know that two friends living in China have sold their kidney to get the latest flagship from apple which is iPhone X. Yes! it is the fact. Those two people were from the state of Jiangsu. Yuan and Wang both were close friends we highly attracted to iPhone’s and wanted to get one. So both friends sold their kidneys to grab an iDevice. You can read more story about them here.

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So what do you think about the triple rates and people selling their organs for a simple device which won’t even worth more than their life? Hope you found something new. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below and do not forget to share this post on your social walls.

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