“Firefox Quantum Browser” – NextGen Challenger For Chrome Browser?

Mozilla's new browser is fast.

“Firefox Quantum Browser” – NextGen Challenger For Chrome Browser?
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The latest web browser from Mozilla is the firefox quantum 57 which challenges the popular chrome browser in speed. This will be the perfect alternative to chrome and safari users, switch to. This new browser is all set to launch on Windows, Linux and macOS machines. This new browser challenges plethora other browsers by using 30% lesser ram.

“Firefox Quantum Browser” – NextGen Challenger For Chrome Browser?

Mozilla is about to launch firefox’s 57th update. With proper duties there comes the proper respect. This update has been named to Quantum, with making a lot of promises to the users. The developers of the latest update are sure to make the app gain plethora users. They promise that the browser is faster than chrome and uses less ram.

"Firefox Quantum Browser" - NextGen Challenger For Chrome Browser?
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It was a time when Firefox used to have a lead over all the browsers. Then came the chrome browser with attractive features and soon gained a hell lot of users and became the king. This was all due to the simple load times and its design.

But now on with its 57th update, Firefox is all set to gain more users and might be the perfect competition for chrome.

The browser now looks simpler than first. With a stick photon design, the app is too simple than chrome and loads faster.

So, What are your views on the new firefox quantum? Comment them down below. Download free version of Firefox Quantum on November 14 can download the beta of Firefox Quantum for Windows, or try it out on Android or iOS.

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